What Is Gis Vehicle Tracking?

In order to know what Gis vehicle tracking is you need to know what Gis means. Gis means geographic information systems. This is basically a mapping system that collects, stores, and analyzes data on a computer or laptop.

It uses software and computers to show the fundamental principle of geography. Geography is information that is about the earths surface and what is contains from grassy land to buildings to roads and highways.

In the truck and automotive industry, geography is their main reason for sale. People and merchandise have to get places.

Gis vehicle tracking allows us to view and analyze the tracking of a vehicle from a geography point of view. Gis links all the information to give a better understanding of how it all relates. Examples are people to addresses, buildings to parcels, dog to dog house.

The Gis vehicle tracking system is superior to other information systems because it not only gives the common database but also gives visualization and geographical perceptions as well.

By companies integrating the Gis vehicle tracking system into their business, they are able to get predictions out of their planning tactics to make their company grow further.

There are many reasons that companies use Gis vehicle tracking. They can use this technology for the management of their resources and for road planning cartography and asset.

In using Gis vehicle tracking it is also good to know the history of Gis. The first operational Gis was developed in 1964 by the federal Dept of Energy, Mines, and Resources.

A better way to understand the Gis in Gis vehicle tracking is to think of it as a database or database view. This database is the structure for how the world is described in geographic terms.

Reading the maps of a Gis vehicle tracking system can be read in terms of symbols. All the items in and on the earth are all represented with symbols. For example, streets are symbolized at centerlines in the Gis vehicle tracking system.

Companies with large fleets have their vehicles installed with the Gis tracking system and radio based transmitter devices so the location of the vehicle can be transferred to the server for further analysis.

With this Gis vehicle tracking system in place, the companies can plot out the route of their drivers destination and can analyze that route and tell the driver what is ahead of him. So as you can see the Gis vehicle tracking system can also be very useful tool for navigation.